Cairns Wedding Celebrant FAQs

What does a celebrant do?

A professional celebrant will you and discuss your individual needs at no cost. This gives you the opportunity to decide whether the “feel” (warm, accommodating and comfortable) is right for you. At this point The Celebrant can then explain what they do, how they go about the process and what costs are involved.

How to choose a wedding celebrant? Ask some questions here are some examples

What skills & experience do you have?
A professional celebrant will have knowledge and skills ( they should study to keep up to date) to prepare a ceremony that reflects your wants and needs and that fits with your personalities and that brings joy and memories of the day to you and your guests.

Skills good communicator, good organizational skills, extensive network links.

Professional celebrants exude confidence, so that you can focus on the day, the expectation, the excitement and the lack of stress.

What have you done in life that you can use to help us through this very big occasion?
Confidence, composure and assurance are really important traits to deliver the best to you and this should be reflected in life experiences.

What do we do if we get stuck?
A professional celebrant will be well prepared with a tool kit (such as a wedding manual) and numerous references to help guide you through to the day – if inspiration is lacking then celebrant perspiration will help you create your unique and memorable ceremony .

Can you see examples of The Celebrant at work?
Check the testimonials. See if the Celebrant can handle multiple cultures (breadth of experience)

What costs are involved?
A professional Celebrant will have: a written agreement that outlines exactly what services they are going to provide, what costs are involved, booking and payment terms, what restrictions or extras may apply and what to do if you have a complaint. This is a once in a lifetime – so value for the day should be the major consideration. Remember it is your day, your commitment to each other for the rest of your lives together.

What equipment is needed?
Professional celebrants will generally have their own PA system (particularly for beach areas), and most will have a signing table. The venue or organizer will generally provide chairs for the Bride and Groom.